Peekko Chat

Add bugs you find to the wiki along with a detailed description of how to reproduce them.

  1. Sometimes when I click "Join" when disconnected, it only connects me and it doesn't seem to join me to the channel. [FIXED]

  2. The topic parsing is broken. It includes '[+nt]' sometimes. <-- does it do that even when you have a topic set? maybe nt stands for no topic. [FIXED]

  3. I see *** No text to send each time I write, though my text seems to be sent Oops, I forgot to click Join, I won't delete this just in case someone is as silly as me

  4. Sometimes while browsing, Peekko changes my chat channel without being prompted to. I cannot replicate it consistantly, but I do used tabbed browsing extensively. | | | | | | | |