Peekko Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

If people add questions to the wiki, I will try to answer them here.


How do I add a question?

Click the 'Edit' link at the bottom of the wiki page, and follow the format of this question.

How do I install this?

See the QuickStart guide.

How do I uninstall this?

Go to the Tools menu in Firefox and select Extensions. Select Peekko Chat and hit Uninstall.

How does this work?

Peekko lets you chat with other people viewing the same site as you. By default, Peekko connects to a chat server when Firefox starts. As you surf the web, Peekko queries the chat server for a channel based on the website you are viewing. You can join that channel and chat with other users who are at the same site.

What software is the chat server running?

The chat server is a standard IRC server. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. You can find a short prelude on IRC here. You can find a lot more about IRC here.

Who hosts the IRC channels?

The default IRC server is hosted on, but you can supply any other IRC server in the Options panel. It's just not guaranteed to work. (Hey, it's a beta.)

If you are attempting to connect using an alternate IRC client (a perfectly healthy thing to do), you will have to use port 8080 in order to connect. You should be able to set this in your IRC client's account settings.

How do I see who is currently in the channel?

Type /names at the prompt.

I like my privacy. Can I still use Peekko Chat?

If you have mild privacy concers, I'd suggest checking the "Browse Invisibly" checkbox in the Options window. The Filter by Directory option (toolbar) should be avoided if you do not browse invisibly.

If you have severe privacy concerns, I'd suggest also turning off "Auto Connect" in the Options window. Then Peekko Chat will only do something when you elect for it to.

Why am I banned from the IRC SERVER?

This information is based on the default Peekko server. *** You are banned from Peekko Chat (some reason here)

*** Disconnected from

There are various reasons that appear in the ban message.

Why did you choose IRC? Why not XMPP or Jabber?

I've never used Jabber for anything other than IM. And I don't know anything about XMPP. I chose IRC as the underlying technology for two reasons: I was familiar with it and because I figured its creators had thought a lot more about how to monitor, maintain, moderate, and scale a chat system than one I would build on a whim. I'm not binding my hands by saying that IRC is the pinnacle of chat experience and user presence, but it's open. It has a lot of clients, and I like the technology even though it's old school.

Can I embed the chat window in my website?

Yes, see the Add Chat Window for details. | | | | | | | |