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  • [ACCEPTED] - feature will be added
  • [ADDED] - feature was added
  • [RFC] - request for comments about the feature


Here are the Old Features which have accepted and added already.


  1. Add some cacheing for the channel query mechanism. [ACCEPTED]

  2. Having a tab for each channel would be nice. [ACCEPTED]

* RFC *

  1. [RFC]: Need some sort of time stamping mechanism. -Shane

** I was just going to ask for this, I would love a timestamp either in zulu time or adjustable to local time - either is good...I sometimes go away both mentally and physically - I'd love to see when something happened or was said.

  1. For pre-existing channels on other networks, connect to a server specified by the site's source code. (ie. <!-- irc:// -->) Ask the user for permission to connect on a site-by-site basis. Maintain a list in the options, similar to Firefox's Cookie handling.

    • [RFC] I like this idea; my take differs a little in the details. Details in peekko.xml. -Shane

    • I'm not too familiar with extension abilities, but I assume you already have access to the current page's source code. Parsing peekko.xml might actually be a better idea than making supporting websites edit each page, but more than likely you will run into site admins who will not like the extra traffic. As fast as Peekko is growing, .... -Matt

      • Why not support both? I for one would love this feature! -raboof

* NEW *

** List1

  1. Needs to support more IRC servers.

  2. For Mac OS X, add an emblem to the Firefox icon in the dock for an additional indicator.

  3. A button the you can press that shows a window with clickable IRC commands.
    (Similar request: Having the option to show Peeko chat as a little button at the bottom bar and when you click it a menu opens whith all the needed options, because having it as a toolbar is annoying, specially when you have other toolbars installed.)

  4. Window position up/down/left/right

  5. Personalized hide/unhide key

  6. html + css skins?

    • possible applied per website (applied by the web) to match style of website
  7. I would like a panel users as mirc or any irc program , because I can see quickly a friend. (Similar request: Some place to show users in a channel instead of /names)

  8. I would like (but it is more difficult) a language options (in windows options) that you can choose the language (spanish, english, japanese....) and default language (english offcourse) and when you can join on a diferent channel for your choosen language, for example if language is spanish then peekko chat join #slashdot.comspanish, or if language is english then peekko chat join #slashdot.comenglish (or only

    • Probably better handled by using a different server
  9. some way of bookmarking friends and notifying what page/channel they are on

    • instead of using whois?
  10. I would like to see the ability to invite people to the chat channel. For instance, if you are on a web page with 6 users, and would like to start a chat session, send an invitation to the other 5 people on the page to come to the room.

    • I think this would be a little too intrusive. You can join a channel, and if someone hits update, they'll see that you're there. The only thing that I think I would allow is for you to somehow automatically update their count of users so that they would see a channel had been formed. (Hmm... that's not a bad feature.)

As a former ircOP /invite invites spammers, I understand it would be nice but why not limit it to /msg it's private and as peekko grows and it will! spammers will show up - they always do.

** List 2 (split up because this wiki software sucks)

  1. An official version of Peekko chat to work with the Flock browser.

    • I need some details on exactly what's required to do this. I understand Prince-Vlad accomplished this for version 0.1.8, but I don't know what's required to do that. -Shane

  2. Ability to set your default channel

  3. Flashing Orange bubble when your name is quoted instead of solid orange?

  4. Another way to maximize/minimize at the bottom rather than in the toolbar.

  5. Make a sidebar for text instead of bottom

  6. Use browsers connection rather than opening another socket. Seems like peeko opens a IRC connection. Many companies including mine prohibit the use of IRC at work. To overcome this, would be nice to have a use web chat similar to maybe using CGI:IRC 0.5 This would require a someone to host the webchat server. I was planning on writing something like this but i like what you guys have ;).

  7. Abilty to copy text just by selecting it like in MIRC.

  8. Add a /hop command it's a mIRC command that rather than /part #channel then /join #channel it allows one to "hop" part then join i.e. /hop #stregachat would /part where I am and /join #stregachat.

  9. Add a stats page which lists what webpages get the most traffic. Look at total chatting by line or unique IP. You could also cross reference Google's pagerank and anything under n% would be excluded. (Thanks Starfox)

  10. I think there should be a channel registration. If somebody enters our own web page before us, he or she can kick out us from our own web page chat.....

    • you can have a bot idle in the channel to regain and maintain control over the channel - see eggdrop
    • you can change to an unofficial irc server that supports channel registration
  11. Claude aka EfDur suggests there should be a little feature more in the "live Peekko" box that displays the current chat. He thinks there could be a little "?" at the top right corner of the little window with a link to the peekko guide. He even wishes this link can lead to the various language versions of the guide according to the user's language (that can be more difficult maybe ;-)

Example of the windows with the button:

  1. A way to be in to channels at once (bubba) | | | | | | | |